Yes he does, stop laughing at me…LOL!! I got back home last night and literally did not go to bed until I edited and upload all of the pics from the concert.  First let me tell you….I was a little disappointed at first.  Okay wait, lemme start at the beginning.

My original flight was suppose to leave at 745a.  I get to the airport and my freakin ticket didn’t work.  Like my ticket was straight up NO GOOD.  Something was wrong with the credit card and the purchase never finalized so they canceled my ticket.  Ughh!! So I had to call my friend who luckily was awake at 630a so she could hop online for me and buy me another ticket.  I was hoping I could still get a seat on the 745a flight but of course it was full.  So I ended up getting the next flight for 930a.  Did I mention it was 630a….I had to sit at the airport for 3 hours.  I spent the majority of the time on Twitter via my Wing talkin shit and jammin to Michael Jackson (Shout Out To:  Finally my flight arrives and I board.  We had a stop in Chicago that was only supposed to be a few minutes.  It turned into an hour delay.  Why? I still don’t know.  Once back on the flight this old lady next to me proceeded to ask me everything but my social security number.  She was driving me crazy! God bless her soul…I slipped on my headphones when she wasn’t looking, turned my head towards the window, covered half my face with my hair, and pretended to be sleep.  I’m sorry…it was either that or tell her “Look lady..I don’t feel like talking about family trees and ancestry…go to sleep and lemme alone!”.  I went with the fake sleep.  Hell, that’s somebodies grandmother.

I finally make it to Philly at 820p.  My flight was supposed to land at 720p.  A whole hour late.  Thanks SWA!! So my buddies Toyia and Deez were right there waiting and I hopped in as we rushed our way to South Street to the Theater of the Living Arts: The Fillmore to see my real baby daddy!  I didn’t let them know it but I was on the verge of screaming.  I thought we’d never get there with all the Friday night South Philly traffic and I’d miss the show.  Eventually we make it.  I believe it was around 930p.  Do you know there was like 15 people there!  I was disgusted.  I mean I know Ice Cube doesn’t have much of an East Coast fanbase being a West Coast rapper but damn…it was damn near dead.   I asked around and was told they only sold 160 tickets online and the radio station gave away 200.  Umm, yea, that’s real bad and it’s NEVER like that in Cali. But we had plans to show him some Cali love so he would know how much we appreciated him.

Before Ice Cube came on they had some local no name old ass band open for him called “The Black Landlord”.  It was like Jazz/Rock music with these two guys who looked old enough to be grandparents.  One guy had his gut hanging out the bottom of his vest the entire time.  Yes…it was a mess!! At one point it looked like the guy with the gut was digging in the other guys ass…YES IN HIS ASS! I was like…who the fuck are these guys?  I didn’t take their pic.  They weren’t worth the pixels.  Here’s me and Toyia when they finally got off the stage.  Notice how happy we are.

Finally…the moment we had been waiting for… Ice Cube!.  We screamed “Bay Areaaaaa” & “Cali in the hooooouse” all night long.  The whole crew loved us!!  Cube & WC gave us the wink to let us know they felt the love.  See….I told you Ice Cube loves me!!

Toyia & I were right in the front row, center stage.  I was so happy!  The performance was RAW!  Ice Cube slapped my hand a bunch of times, held it while he rapped a song, pointed at me and Toyia numerous times, looked at right at me hella times…WC even flirted with Toyia!!  Ooo WC loved me too!  He gave me the mic and I was rappin in the mic with him and Cube…it was classic!!  They was on us all night!!  Look at my baby looking right at me!!

One guy was being hella nice to us.  He promised us T-Shirts but then the other crew members had gave them away already before he could save us one.  He was cute and very sweet.  When he couldn’t get me a shirt he went backstage and got me Ice Cube’s sweaty towel Yay!!!  He was tryin to get Ice Cube to come back out so we could say “Hey” but he was doing business with the promoters.  Then he tried to get me and Toyia to come back to the hotel to kick it.  I love Ice Cube but baby, we ain’t them kinda gorupies.  I ain’t fuckin the staff to get to a man I see every year and I’ve met him before.  So going to the hotel was not a neccessaity.  Besides…we didn’t know how to get to the Hyatt and Deez had the car LMAO!!! You know I woulda went…who am I kidding LOL!!

After the show me and Toyia headed over to Copabanana for some Margarita’s and grub.  We were still fucked up from the strong ass top shelf Long Island’s we had at the show.  But we got more drunk just because LOL! Here we also met our new favorite waitress who had never really heard of Ice Cube.  I told her she needed to be slapped!  Her assignment for the weekend was to go rent Friday which she hadn’t even heard of.  Poor lil 19 year old smh!!

We ate, we drank, we ate some more, and drank some more…by the time we got back to her house it was like 3am maybe later…I dunno.  I just remember waking up in her room on the floor with my head on a blanket.  I got up…stumbled downstairs…made my way to the couch and passed out.  Last thing I remember was Deez sitting there eating Ishkabibbles (Best Cheesesteak in Philly) and watching the Discovery channel.  He so old LOL!!

Woke up about noon and it was time to go.  Great night!!  Great show!!  Great Freinds!!  Time to go home. I think I spent more time flying out there for a day then I did actually hanging out.  but I had a blast nonetheless.  I doubt I’ll be taking anymore 8 hour flights like that.  Good god…can’t they make the planes go faster? It takes way too long. But I’m so glad I made it safely and enjoyed my mini trip.

Just an emotional Piscean maniac trying to find her way to a nonexistent place. This is my sanctuary for my own personal thoughts and views on everything.
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  1. I love me some Cube!!! That’s messed up about your flight, yoo I hate when I end up with a talkative person on a flight…sometimes I just wanna scream STHU lol. Glad you had fun though! 🙂

  2. Just getting here in Philly sounds like a complete nightmare and then having to endure the busyness of South Street sounds even worse, but I’m glad you got to enjoy yourself nonetheless.

    1. south st was banana’s!! it was biker night or summin so most of south st was blocked off by over 100 kawasaki’s lol. i had fun tho!! they just added to the excitement 🙂

  3. Good look on the site Upenzi, defintely looking good.
    LOL @ Southwest…typical bs. Ice Cube looks very nice. As usual. lol
    Glad you had fun!

    1. omg i hugged him like 8 years ago…i still remember how good he smelled…and how soft he was…and how my arm just rested on his booty….ooooooooweeee!!! i love that man!!

  4. I am so upset right now because I love magaritas and you and your friend are drinking one. That’s so unfair Monika. I love those things – that reminds me to hit up O’Charleys this weekend.

    Tais last blog post..Whoo!

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