By the grace of God, I made it to my fortieth birthday. I’m officially OLD. Yes, I’m being dramatic. Forty is such a milestone and I’m honestly not ready to be forty years old. I don’t even like to see the number yet so I insist on spelling it. As if that makes any difference at all. My brain tells me that I’m not ready to be forty because I’m just not where I thought I would be at this age. But truly, are we ever? We have all these plans and ideas about how life should be at every milestone birthday and for me, it’s never been what I imagined. But nevertheless, I am here.  I made it. And that’s enough. I also have to give myself credit for where I am and not take away from that simply because it wasn’t in the plan.

You want to make God laugh? Make plans.

I am well on my way to getting all that I want and I will no longer speak on what I don’t have as a negative. I just don’t have it YET. And I have managed to accomplish much more than most people my age. Which I haven’t decided if that’s sad or not considering I feel like I’m just adulting like I’m supposed to. I own a home, a new vehicle, I have two beautiful boys who protect me, keep me sane and drive me nuts at the same time, I own a business, I’m working on multiple streams of income and I have a great career. My health is improving and my immediate family are well too. Life is fantastic and I wouldn’t change anything. I would like to improve and grow and I’m pretty confident that the universe will reward my efforts.

So what’s a girl old gal doing on her fortieth birthday? My shenanigans started on Friday. I took some time to get away and had my first staycation. I chose this because it’s the first time I’ve been away from Nugget and I didn’t have it in me to party this year. I just wanted to relax and sleep uninterrupted. So I booked a deluxe room at Lowes Atlanta, and in my room on the 26th floor, I closed the curtains, got in the bed, ordered seafood dinners via DoorDash, drank an entire bottle of wine…and relaxed. It was awesome! I loved every minute of my mini vaca. From soaking in a boiling hot bath with Pursoma Daily Bath Soaks and Dried Rose Petals, to eating lunch from Woody’s CheeseSteaks, and two candlelit dinners from The Oceanaire Seafood Room and Poor Calvin’s…my birthday weekend was everything I hoped for. ♥️❌⭕️


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