I want to live in the moment without overthinking. Past hurts make me wary of unfamiliar feelings. This year has been tough, making me wary of trusting others. Despite challenges, I’ve grown into a strong, loving woman who values authenticity and hopes to be truly seen and understood. I wrote a poem about it…enjoy!

In moments when my guard descends,
Fear whispers of too much revealed,
Yet in vulnerability, a strength ascends,
As womanhood’s embrace is sealed.

Unveiling layers, shedding disguise,
I stand in truth, unafraid to be,
For in this space where honesty lies,
I find the freedom to be wholly me.

Each crack in armor, each exposed part,
Becomes a testament to life’s grand art,
For in vulnerability, courage finds its start,
And in embracing it, I play my part.

Through eyes unveiled, I see the dance,
Of purpose woven through each circumstance,
No coincidences in life’s vast expanse,
Only meaningful connections in its advance.

So here I stand, both strong and free,
In the beauty of vulnerability,
Embracing womanhood, unapologetically,
For it is in this truth, I find my destiny.

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