Her lips moved a mile a minute as she re-applied her make-up after a morning meeting.  She was rambling on about her new boss.  “Girl, this man is so rude!  I’m telling you, I can’t believe they hired him to be the director of our center.  I just know he’s going to change shit up and ruin everything.”  Misa was a training supervisor at an insurance company.  Her job only seemed interesting when new people joined the team.  She loved meeting new people and training them to be top notch representatives for the company.  Something about knowing that she was behind the success drove her to work hard every day.

I first noticed Misa in the lobby of the agency while delivering documents from another division.  As I was chatting with the receptionist Paula, I couldn’t help but watch her lips, so full and glistening from the triple layers of gloss she had applied.  I’m pretty sure I had totally missed another story from Paula about one of her 3 grandkids, because my breathing labored the moment I saw those lips, it was like the room fell silent and she was all I could see or hear.  Misa had walked up to inform Paula that she was leaving for the day and to call another manager if any walk-ins came to inquire about jobs.  In just those few moments I was mesmerized.  Misa was thick in all the right places.  I could see her ass from the front and her thick legs were flawless.  She stood there in five inch purple stilettos, a grey pencil skirt and a purple blouse that was barely covering her triple d’s and deep cleavage.   I could see that her bra was gray and imagined that her panties matched.  Her hair was long and curly and her makeup was a perfect match to her blouse and shoes.  This girl was bad! At first sight most would think she was a diva.  But the moment she spread those glossy lips, you’d see just how chill she was.

She glanced up from her iPhone, smiled and said “Oh hey, I’m sorry.  I’m just talking, I didn’t see you two in conversation.  I’m Misa.” “No problem, I know how it can be when you’ve got your eyes focused on the iPhone.  I’m Char.”  She giggled and touched my arm.  I could feel a warm sensation shoot through me.  My panties immediately moistened and I could feel my pussy throb.  Before I could say anything my friend Robin walked up to retrieve the documents I was there to deliver.  “Char it’s so good to see you!”, she said as we embraced in a hug.  Robin and I worked in the same center when I first started at the company.  Everybody has someone at work that they are close too and she was my work best friend.  We saw less of each other at work when I moved up in the company and she stayed in the same division.  But we still have “girls night” every other Friday.

“Hey Robin, aren’t you in a good mood”. “Well of course girl, it’s Friday and I’m really ready to get it poppin tonight.  Especially since it’s your turn to cook.  So what’s on the menu?”, she said with her hand on her tummy like she was starving.  “Well, I’m not sure yet.  I have this new cook book and I saw a recipe for some Caribbean dish I want to try.  You know how I do.” “Ooo Caribbean food is my favorite!”, Misa chimed in.  I was surprised to see a gleam in her eye that I hadn’t seen before.  I felt my nipples harden beneath my blouse and I got the feeling she could see them harden as well when she bit her bottom lip and looked at my breasts.  Something about this woman was driving my body insane.  Robin spoke just as I felt my knees getting weak, “Misa, you should join us.  Char is an excellent cook!  We have girls night sometimes on Friday’s and it’s her turn.”  Misa looked at me and smiled and said “Well, Char, I like to eat!”.  I knew that she meant more than food by the way she played with a curl that had dangled into her face.  I reached into my purse, took out my card and scribbled my address on the back.  I handed it to Misa and said “See you at 8 and bring a bottle”.  She smiled, said her goodbyes and sashayed out the building.  I watched that ass bounce with every switch in her hip.  As she made it to the end of the walkway she must have felt my eye on her because she slowly looked back over her shoulder and winked at me.

I was in the kitchen cooking a Caribbean style meal when the doorbell rang.  I knew it wasn’t Robin because it was exactly 8pm and she was never on time.  I walked slower towards the door when I realized it was probably Misa.  My breathing became labored again and my palms started to sweat.  I wiped them on my velour pants and took a deep breath before opening the door.  There she was, in a pair of jeans that looked like they were painted on and a pink t-shirt that was almost too small.  She looked up when I opened the door and flashed that beautiful smile.  “Mmm, smells great Char! I brought two bottles, one light, and one dark.  I wasn’t sure what kind of juice you had to mix it with.”  I stepped aside to let her in and said “This is the house of plenty, I’m sure I have something for either.  Come on in, mi casa, esu casa.”  When she walked in she brushed her breast up against me as if there wasn’t more than enough space between us.  I knew then that she wanted me just as much as I wanted her.  I closed the door and walked into the kitchen, sitting the bottles down on the bar as I passed by it.

I was back at the stove, stirring and tasting the dish when I felt her hovering over my right shoulder.  “Oh wow, you know I was a little skeptical at first when Robin said you could cook.  Especially Caribbean food.  But that Columbo looks and smells amazing.  Can I taste?”  The seductive tone in her voice and the look in her eyes spoke volumes.  I took a spoonful of the stew and put it to her lips and blew to cool it.  She began to blow it with me all while keeping her eyes on me.  When she finally tasted the stew she closed her eyes and moaned. “Mmm, I’ve never had Colombo so good before Char.”  “Thank you, I try.”  I turned back around to get a glass from the cabinet to make a drink.  When I reached up to grab the glass I suddenly felt Misa’s hands grab both of my breast.  She kissed the back of my neck and pulled me close to her.  She smelled so good.  Like sweet tea on a sunny day.  I couldn’t even speak.  I gasped but stood as I was and closed my eyes while gripping the cabinet door.  I was afraid to move.  I thought if I moved and woke up from this dream I would have been pissed off for the rest of the year.  She slowly moved her left hand down my stomach towards the top of my pants and started teasing me by playing with my panties.  She maneuvered her right hand under my shirt until her fingertips met my nipple.  I’m so glad I decided not to wear a bra with this top.  She was tugging and twisting my nipple so hard a little pain shot thru me.  It was that good sexual pain I had read about.  It hurt so good!  My nipple was pleased because it hardened immediately.

She was licking and sucking and biting my neck with such desire.  I started grinding my ass against her.  She slowly slid her hand down my wet panties and giggled when she felt my moist pussy between her fingers.  I stood on my tippy toes awaiting her entry into my love box.  She playfully rubbed my pussy and then slid 2 fingers in me.  I gasped even harder and almost collapsed on the kitchen counter.  She turned my body so that I was now facing the island in the middle of my gourmet kitchen.  I heard the stack of cookbooks hit the floor after she removed her hand from my shirt and slid everything off the island. She took her hand and ran it up my back then bent me over the island face down.  Her left hand was back inside of me fucking my pussy. I moaned in pleasure as she grabbed my pants with her free hand and pulled them down.  With my face to the table I wiggled a little so my pants would fall to my ankles as I stepped out of them.  She gave my panties a rough tug as she literally ripped them off me.  I listened as the material shred and fell to the floor.  She pulled her fingers out of my throbbing pussy as she spread my legs from behind and got on her knees.  I felt her blow on my pussy before she stuck her tongue in me.  Her mouth was so warm.  I learned that day that Misa meant what she said about liking to eat.  She devoured me.  She licked me from my ass to my pussy over and over again.  My pussy got wetter with each lick.  She lightly nibbled on my clit and I ravished in the feeling of her teeth on my clit. She put 3 of her fingers back in my pussy as I damn near screamed in ecstasy.  There I was sprawled out on my kitchen island with Misa’s face buried in my pussy.  I started backing up on her long thick tongue as my body began to tense up.  I knew I was about to have an orgasm.  I had been with women before but nobody made me feel like this.  It was intense.  As my body tensed even harder, Misa slowly stood up and turned me around so that we were now facing each other.  She put her hand back in my pussy so fast, I missed it.  We were now face to face, sweating and panting. I spread my legs so that she could keep fucking me.  Her lips were so close to mine we were sharing oxygen.  She stuck her tongue out and I sucked it while grabbing her big triple d’s.  I grab her by her hair and kissed her.  She kissed me the way she had just kissed my pussy.  I tasted my juice in her mouth and that made my clit hardened.  I whispered to her “I’m coming Misa…mmm I’m cumming”.  She fucked me even harder as she bit my bottom lip.  I closed my eyes, twisted her nipple with one hand and grabbed her ass with the other.  My leg lifted and wrapped around her thigh.  With each stroke of her fingers inside me, my body banged harder against the island.  I was about to come harder than I had ever come in my life.  She bit my lip harder and whispered “Come for me…I want to watch your pretty face while you come on my hand, Cum for Misa…cum now!”.  I felt her thumb doing circles on my clit and before I could say “yes” my body convulsed and my pussy throbbed repeatedly as I came.  I felt my juices sliding down my thighs as Misa held me closer.  She kissed me and I came again.  I hugged her so tight because I felt like I was falling.  I couldn’t believe she had made me come twice in a row.

I stood there staring at the ceiling, wondering what to do next.  Something about her made me nervous.  She kissed me softly and said “How about that drink?”.  She slid away and made her way to the hallway bathroom.  I was still standing in my kitchen literally half naked and still in awe of this beautiful princess.  I bent down to pick up my panties and pants and saw a pair of feet that weren’t mine.  As I looked up, Robin greeted me.  “So are we cooking in the nude tonight?”, she asked as she looked down at me.  I had no idea how long she had been standing there.  “Robin, hey.  When did you get here?”  “Just now.  I knocked but you didn’t answer and the door was unlocked.  I figured you were in the kitchen with the music on.  But I didn’t think you’d be cooking with no bottoms on. Girl…this is a new one for me.”  She had no idea what had just happened.  I was thrilled because Robin could be somewhat judgmental about my personal life.  She knew I was bisexual and always had questions because she was curious.  I knew she wanted me to make a move on her but I never did.  I’m not the teaching type.  Besides, Robin and I have shared too many secrets to share a bed as well.  It would kill the friendship.  I hurried to gather my clothes, hoping that I could make it to my bedroom before Misa came back from the bathroom.  I could hear the water running as if she were taking a shower. But Robin was too busy sampling the food to notice so I turned the music up. “I was actually cooking and spilled some of the stew on my leg.  I hurried to pull my pants of trying not to burn myself. You just happened to come in right as I was about to go change.”.  “Oh no, are you okay?” “Yeah girl just scared me.  The food is hot and these pants are thin.  I’ll be back in a few.  Make yourself a drink.”

I hated lying but it came out so easy.  As I walked down the hall, Misa opened the bathroom door and was completely nude.  “Wait, Robin is here…come with me.”  We quickly walked down to my bedroom and Misa pushed me onto the bed face down once inside. “You drive me crazy Char.  I see you and I just want to touch you everywhere.” She climbed on my back and began to rub my back and shoulders. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the back rub. She started to pull my top off but I stopped her midway.  I wanted to see those triple d’s.  I wiggled enough to flip myself over without pushing her off.  She was tugging at my top until I gave in and pulled it off. Her bouncy curls fell all over her face just as she leaned in for a kiss.  Why was her mouth so warm?  Our tongues twirled as our breast mashed together. I could feel the heat from between her legs on my thigh.  She maneuvered herself until our clits kissed.  As she started to grind, I heard a knock on the door.  It was Robin. “Char, Kim, Dana and Amber just arrived.  And you know I burn in the kitchen and not in a good way.  Girl get yo butt out here before we have to order pizza.”, she laughed.  “I’m coming right now and stay out of my kitchen Robin.” Misa lowered herself and stuck her tongue deep in my pussy and sucked my clit with so much force, I thought it would cave in.  When I moaned and my legs stiffened, she knew I was going to cum already.  I don’t know what she was doing to me, but I fucking loved it!  My back arched and I exploded.

I laid there breathless as she got up to put her clothes back on.  “Do you have a back door that doesn’t involved passing the living room?” I was so discombobulated I could barely think.  “I think we can make it to the garage and you can go out that way. I’ll push everyone into the den so come back in 5 minutes.”  “Char, I hope you don’t think I’m some kind of slut.  Your body has been driving me crazy since this morning.  I’m very attracted to you and hopefully we can finish what we started.” I was surprised; she actually looked like she was afraid that I would reject the offer.  The way she’d just fucked me, I would have paid her to come back. “Listen, I’m not judging you.  How can I? I’m naked and satisfied.  I enjoyed this and would love to get to know you more.” I licked my lips to remind her that I hadn’t had the pleasure of tasting her.  No way was she getting away from me that easy.

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