Intoxicating and penetrating
You crept into my space without intruding
With a gentle demeanor
How-do-you-do schoolboy smile
That creased across your face for miles.

Your sideways glances give me
A tingle from my head to curling toes
That makes my heart shiver and dance
Drunk with that 40-ounce gaze
That keeps me light-headed with that
Feeling of sleep deprivation
On no-doze and a heavy-lidded daze.

Running my hands over your mystical skin,
Soft lips, and firm chin
Ooh. Real nice.


Makes it hard for me to hold on to
The moan that wants to escape from
Inside my throat
Get lost in those
Soft kisses and teasing hands that sends
Me afloat.

Just one chance to catch that glance
That had my 40-ounce gaze amaze
You played ways of emotions
That had me believing in love potions
Floating’ on waves of oceans.

Your shy look crawls into the meaning
Of acceptance
S l o w l y
Come-and-talk-to-me vibes
Vibrate my stomach
Trapped and can’t run from it.

Behind your neck I kiss…
Your eardrums play when
My whispers made your day
Your eyes wide closed
Your mind so open
And awwwwww…
When my fingertips touch your token
We try to save
But can’t help to sip
The “40-ounce” gaze

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