The more people disrespect me, the more I learn what I can and cannot tolerate in my life anymore.  That’s certainly not an invitation for people to disrespect me, I’m just saying when it happens, it’s not going unnoticed or without a consequential reaction.  The old me would lash out, cuss out everyone and as my closest friends will say, “go for your jugular”.  The more mature me realizes that I do not have to attend every argument I’m invited to.  That’s it’s okay to know that I’m worth more than losing my voice in an argument just to be heard by someone who has already stopped listening.  I use to literally stress myself out to the point of being crying mad.  I can’t give the energy I’m saving to create a better life for myself to someone or something that could care less if I’m okay or not.  It’s simply not worth it.  I use to think that was such a cliché thing to say, almost dismissive.  But I get it.  The more I get tried, the more I get it.

I have to remember that life I’m trying to live will not include everyone who I once called a friend.  You know how they say “Everything happens for a reason”, it’s true.  All I’ve asked from the universe is to live a life stress and drama free.  So when people or thing eliminate themselves I’m actually relieved that I didn’t have to do it and explain why. I’m okay with letting them think it was me, that I was the issue because I know better.  No amount of money or likes on social media will ever take precedence over that.

Just an emotional Piscean maniac trying to find her way to a nonexistent place. This is my sanctuary for my own personal thoughts and views on everything.
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